WHMCS Expense Manager

  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • Reports
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Vendors Management
  • Categories Management
  • Import Scripts
  • Life Time! - Support
  • Life Time! - Version Update


  • $79.00Per Year
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    Are you looking to manage all your expenses within WHMCS?

    With This Expense Manager, You can easily manage & track the expenses within WHMCS.

    This module allows your company to easily keep track of its expenses and create a tax return along with viewing your expenses vs income inside WHMCS, We felt this was a much needed addon for WHMCS and allows you to host this on your own server so a third party company doesn't have access to your expense records!


    • Import Scripts
    • Vendors Management
    • Categories Management
    • Currencies just for expenses
    • Customize permissions for this module
    • Link Invoices to a expense
    • Link Support tickets to a expense
    • Upload attachments to a expense
    • Add multiple transactions on a expense
    • Reports (View your income vs expenses on a monthly basis!)
    v2.0.0 Released: 12th of Sep 2023
    New Feature
    • Created New Interface
    • Added Multi-Language Support
    • Improved Design
    Bug Fix
    • Fixed Recurring expense logic
    v1.0.0 Released: 9th of September 2015
    • Stable Release