Refund Policy

Transform your Business into Digital World Today! with WHMCSTECH Prime Modules and Services.

1) Refund Policy on Products

We assure to serve you the Best yet latest Products based on different platforms, with limited time Prime services like Service Purchase, FREE Installation Assistance, Module Training and Technical support provide you zero chances to cancel our Product and services. Unfortunately, because of the nature of our products and because we can NOT ensure that you will not erase our software or templates from your computer, we can NOT issue any refunds after a purchase has been made. If the product has not been delivered yet then we will issue a refund. NO exceptions!

Zero Refund Policy on Products

Once you Register with WHMCSTECH, you agree with our TOS(Terms of Services) and Refund Policy where All Products and services are non-refundable once the Product is deliver, downloaded and activated successfully. Before purchasing any product on our website, we request you to read WHMCSTECH policies carefully. Read the Below Activity list carefully. If one or more aspects are in your consideration, Sorry to say you are NOT eligible for Refund.

  • Refund amount will be membership fees minus the service discount (in any), i.e if the service is not activated by us.
  • On any Module/Service renewals, refund policy is not applicable.
  • If the module/Service is been used for illegal purpose Or used in abuse cases Or Maximum Downloads on Single Module within 15Days, Then the Refund Request will be denied.
  • Additional Services like Custom Software development, WHMCS or Module installation assistance, Module Training, WHMCS or Module upgrades, and Custom Module Features are non-refundable.
  • We process the refund on only the Proper reason for cancellation is given. If you have any issues with the modules then Our Technical support team will be available through support tickets to resolve your issues.
  • On Purchase of any Product you agree to its Advantages and Disadvantages, Refund is not applicable if the product doesn't meet your business expectation.
  • All open source code version of modules are non refundable.

2) Refund Policy on Custom Software Development

WHMCSTECH Custom Software Development services are meant to shape your Business operations, If its not matching your Business requirements, you are eligible to get full/Partial Refund before the project is concluded. Either full refund OR partial refund, It will be decided based on the Project development progress status.

Get Full Refund on service if the status is Not Started. Get Partial refund on service if the Status is Started + OnHold (in cases like The project is finished about 50%).

We really love all our Valuable customers and we will be saddened to loose them. We are sure you`ll be back with us to enjoy Our latest Modules/Services to ease your Business operations and can update based on the requirements and future challenges.