About us

The experts team of WHMCS addon developers

Who We Are?

We are a team of WHMCS experts and enthusiasts

We have been doing WHMCS installations, configurations, troubleshooting and customizations since first version of WHMCS which was launched in year 2005. We understand product architecture, code and database of WHMCS thoroughly - can handle absolutely any WHMCS customization requirement or absolutely anything when it is about WHMCS. We also understand how WHMCS can be extended to industry segments apart from web hosting & domains management companies. This makes us a trusted WHMCS development company in India.

Our WHMCS Expertise

We also take up assignments like WHMCS installations, WHMCS upgrade to latest version, WHMCS custom module development template integration & customization, plug-in integration and customization. In fact, we like to take up absolutely anything when it is about WHMCS!

Our Team & WHMCS Addon Modules Expertise

We have the expertise to develop new addon modules for your WHMCS set-up. And our expert WHMCS developers love it when they are thrown with a challenge of complex WHMCS customization job. In one such challenge, they have already turned WHMCS into an end-to-end client management system for stock consulting firm (whoa…). Talk to us to hear more about this and some more exciting stuff.

Team profile!

The WHMCSTECH team expretise.

  • Team of WHMCS development, customization experience of around 10 years
  • As old as WHMCS as a platform itself
  • Team with a web hosting management experience of more than 15 years
  • WHMCS user experience of 10 years (for our own domains & web hosting business)
  • Business analysts who can quickly envisage how WHMCS can solve your business needs
  • Web designers who can make your WHMCS look like your website
  • One common thing in all the team members: we are WHMCS enthusiasts!
  • Software testers who test WHMCS customization, newly developed plug-in/module thoroughly before it comes to you

Have a look at our WHMCS services

We love working with WHMCS. We can take up absolutely anything when it comes to WHMCS

WHMCS installation & configuration

Experts in WHMCS Installation & Configuration

You are about to buy or have already bought WHMCS license and need somebody to install and configure for you?

WHMCS upgrade to latest version

Upgrade your version to the latest one

New version of WHMCS is released and you just want to upgrade to get the benefits of the new version?

WHMCS Addon Modules development

Modules as per your requirement

You want to add a completely new feature or a functionality to make the most of your existing WHMCS portal?

WHMCS Theme customization

We Created it With Love

You have some issues in your WHMCS implementation but you are living with it as they are not critical, but you will be happy having them resolved?

WHMCS troubleshooting

Designing the web for you

Our team can troubleshoot your WHMCS installation and configuration whether a existing one or a new installation to ensure things go smoothly:

Customizing WHMCS for different businesses needs

Awesome Designs built for you

If you are looking for Automated Billing Solution, Client support Management (Ticketing System), Sales or Lead Management, Subscription Management, CRM, Call Log Manager, or anything of that sort. Our WHMCS expert can conceive and deliver such solutions really fast.